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Programmation en COBOL sur AS/400 Programmation en COBOL sur AS-400 Initiation � la Programmation en COBOL sur AS/400
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Encyclopédie informatique - Introduction aux systèmes AS/400
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AS/400 See System i
AS/400 Application System/400. IBM?s mid-range processor. Announced June 1988 and originally aimed at the System/3x replacement, and departmental and distributed machine market. By January 1994, the 250,000th AS/400 had been shipped (to Coca-Cola in Belgium). May 1994 the Advanced Series came out. Replaced by the iSeries 400 October 2000.
AS/400 PL/I AS/400 version of the PL/I programming language. Withdrawn February 2000.
AS/400e Replaced by iSeries 400.
ASSIST/400 IBM support program for AS/400 users. Provides problem management, status tracking, and problem resolution for IBM hardware and software.
CICS/400 AS/400 version of CICS first announced in February 1992 as Version 2.2. Renamed CICS Transaction Server for iSeries.
CL (1) See control language (2) See Command Language
CL module See control language module
CL procedure See control language procedure
CL program See control language program
CL variable See control language variable
Command Language CL In WebSphere MQ for iSeries, a language that can be used to issue commands, either at the command line or by writing a CL program
control language CL The set of all commands with which a user requests system functions
control language module CL module A module object (*MODULE) that results from compiling a CL source program using the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) CL compiler
control language procedure CL procedure The single Integrated Language Environment (ILE) procedure that is contained within a CL module. A CL procedure can be called by other ILE procedures when the CL module is bound with other ILE modules to create a program object (*PGM) or service program object (*SRVPGM)
control language program CL program A program that is created from source statements consisting entirely of control language commands
control language variable CL variable A program variable that is declared in a control language program and is available only to the CL program
DB2/400 The SQL implementation on the AS/400. A subset of full IBM SQL, but a full implementation of the SAA version of SQL. Includes compilers for calls from high-level languages, and interactive options for table and file definition. Originally called SQL/400. Replaced by DB2 Universal Database.
eserver A complete replacement of IBM?s hardware server platforms with four new series zSeries 900, iSeries 400, pSeries and xSeries. Announced October 3, 2000. The e actually has a circle around it, like the a does in the @ symbol.
i5/OS The IBM licensed program that is used as the principal operating system for System i products. The predecessor to i5/OS was Operating System/400 (OS/400). See also iSeries, Operating System/400
ILE Integrated Language Environment. Programming architecture cum paradigm for the iSeries 400. Introduced in April 1993 primarily as a way of providing decent C support (the first AS/400 C compiler worked by emulating an RPG program). Subsequently, ILEs have been added for C++, RPG, COBOL, and CL/400.
ILE RPG See Integrated Language Environment RPG
Integrated Language Environment RPG ILE RPG An IBM-licensed program that includes a set of RPG compilers to be used for commercial and business applications on System i hosts. The compilers include: System/36E RPG (RPG II), System/38 RPG (RPG III), RPG/400 (RPG III), and ILE RPG (RPG IV)
iSeries See System i
iSeries See iSeries 400.
iSeries 400 The eserver series based on, and replacing, the AS/400. According to IBM, the i stands for intelligent integration. Based on copper and SOI technology, it runs any combination of ported Unix applications, AS/400, Windows, Java, Domino and soon Linux applications concurrently. Some models are Dedicated Servers for Domino (DSD).
MVS/400 Once rumored implementation of the Fort Knox concept of combining the mainframe and iSeries 400 architectures on a single box. See also MVS.
Operating System/400 OS/400 The IBM licensed program that can be used as the operating system for iSeries servers prior to Version 5 Release 3. See also i5/OS
OS/400 See Operating System/400
OS/400 The operating system for the iSeries 400, and the AS/400 that it replaced. Basically it?s a derivative of the System/3x operating system. It provides an interesting contrast with mainframe operating systems. Although it has improved in recent years, they have long been a great mass of bolt-ons, add-ons, and disparate bits and pieces. OS/400, by contrast, is an integrated whole indeed the integration is such that charges of bundling have been raised against IBM.
Report Program Generator RPG A programming language designed for writing application programs for business data processing requirements. The application programs range from report writing and inquiry programs to applications such as payroll, order entry, and production planning
RPG See Report Program Generator
RPG Report Program Generator. Programming language widely used on the eserver iSeries 400 and its predecessors AS/400 and System/3x. Coding is column-dependent fill-in-the-blanks forms. As its name implies, best used for report generation, and very strong sort/merge facilities, where it can be used completely non-procedurally. IBM created RPG in 1965. RPG/370 was the mainframe SAA CPI version announced February 1991 and withdrawn August 1993. It ran on z/OS and z/VM. For VSE/ESA, there is DOS/VS RPG II, still available, but it has been more than two decades since the last release. OS/VS RPG II, for z/OS, is even older. Hopefully, someone checked them both for Y2K compatibility. RPG?s major popularity on the mainframe came at the low end, as it was the only programming language that ran very well on the System/360 Model 20. For the iSeries 400, where virtually all of the RPG use occurs today, WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries includes ILE RPG (RPG IV), VisualAge RPG and CODE/400, the
RPG/370 See RPG.
RPG/400 See RPG.
Series/1 IBM minicomputer widely used for special purpose communications. It?s now too late to buy one ? they were withdrawn from February 1991, although IBM maintained them up to 1996. The withdrawal notice said there are no direct replacements... however, the IBM 9370, AS/400, RS/6000, and the PS/2 families of products offer highly effective alternatives for most Series/1 users which seems to confirm that the Series/1 was all things to all men, and nothing to anybody.
SQL/400 The original OS/400 DB2 implementation. Renamed DB2/400 then DB2 Universal Database.
System i A family of IBM systems distinguished by their object-oriented architecture, integrated relational database, and high-level machine interface. System i systems support the i5/OS, Operating System/400, AIX, and Linux operating systems. See also i5/OS
System i5 See System i
Visual RPG See VRPG.
VisualAge RPG VisualAge RPG and CODE/400. Only available as part of WebSphere Development Tools for iSeries, which contains only the workstation tools. Host components are provided in WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries.
VRPG OS/400 programming environment announced May 1994. It was a visual GUI development for creating RPG for client/server applications and traditional interactive applications. Replaced by Application Development Toolset Client Server (ADTS CS) for AS/400 May 1997.